On October 24, Coffilia - a high-end coffee brand from Viet Nam made its debut with the first coffee shop in Kuwait. Operated by the Minh Tien group, Coffilia has been making fine coffee in honor of the mountains and coffee growers from the Southeast Asian country.

Ảnh 1 Ông Luai Al-Qattan đội ngũ Coffilia cùng Đại sứ quán và Thương vụ Việt Nam tại Kuwait tham gia cắt băng khai trương.jpg

Established in 1991, Minh Tien Group aimed to reach happiness and sustainability through producing and making coffee and its products for the coffee market. At that time, the desire to promote and strengthen the values of Vietnamese coffee beans on the international market had already begun, later on becoming a driving success factor.

Minh Tien group focuses on the “circular economy” model - a sustainable farming method that features within every processing plant of raw material, responsible for the high-quality coffee beans that meet the strictest international standards. Minh Tien’s products, including Coffilia coffee and Ha Chuc cascara tea, have been chosen by worldwide distributors and enjoyed by millions of coffee lovers in the world. Its model has become a fundamental strategic direction that aims to fully realize the integrated values of community and environmental sustainability.

Ảnh 2 Ông Luai Al Qattan giới thiệu về các thức uống đặc sắc của quán.jpg

Coffilia coffee drinks use the coffee beans harvested from the very own farms of the Minh Tien group, which earned 4C and UTZ certificates in 2010. Since 2000, the company has begun to export directly to foreign markets; Coffilia is now available in several European countries, including Germany, Italy, England, France, and other big markets like Japan, the United States,...

Bringing Coffilia coffee into Kuwait, Mr. Luai Al-Qattan calls himself a “Viet Nam lover”. He visited the farms by Minh Tien in the northwestern region of Viet Nam to learn about the “circular economy” model that the group has successfully integrated into the business model. An agreement between Mr. Luai Al-Qattan and the Coffilia team was signed on September 25, 2023, after months of preparing for the venue of the Coffilia shop in Kuwait.

Ảnh 3 Khách đến dự lễ khai trương có cơ hội tận hưởng cà phê chuẩn vị Việt Nam tại Kuwait.jpg

Coming to the coffee shop, customers will have the opportunity to try brand-new Vietnamese drinks, including the famous “bac xiu” (white coffee with condensed milk), “ca phe sua da” (brown coffee with milk and ice), and “ca phe muoi” (salt coffee). All the coffee and tea in Coffilia has been researched and developed in-house by its team and will be adapted to suit the taste of Kuwaiti locals.

The opening launch of Coffilia is a joy for Vietnamese people in Kuwait in general, and the Embassy of Viet Nam in Kuwait in particular. H.E. Mr. Ngo Toan Thang, the Ambassador of Viet Nam in Kuwait, affirms that his aim is to promote further trade, and tourism activities between the two countries, which shares a 47-year relationship. He hopes that the quality of Coffilia coffee will be proof of the position of Viet Nam as the world’s second-biggest coffee exporter.

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